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Reference German plumber

From the pub, into the scaffolding

Currently a large group of houses is being built in Southeast Amsterdam. Ralf installs the plumbing, central heating and sanitary facilities. Three years ago he was unemployed and talking to a friend at a local pub in Germany. He will never forget this conversation; one week later he started working for Larex.

"In 1994 I obtained my plumbing masters in Germany. I was a certified plumber and was ready to work for a German company. Unfortunately that company went bankrupt and I became unemployed. Immediately I started looking for another job, but that did not work out the way I expected." Ralf spoke with a friend one evening in a pub. This friend worked for Larex Staff Agency in Holland. He gave Ralf the phonenumber of the Larex office in Magdeburg. "The next day I called Larex and within a week I could start working for Larex. So the meeting in the pub changed my life", says the enthusiastic German plumber.

More accurate than Dutch colleagues

"I really enjoy working for Larex in the Netherlands. Because I often work at different locations, I sleep regularly in another place. Currently I live in a bungalow in Zandvoort. Housing is always well organized by Larex. Every week on Thursday I drive back to my hometown Schönebeck. The long drive I take for granted. On Monday morning, around half past two, I drive back to the Netherlands and start working again."

When asked what Ralf strikes about his Dutch colleagues, he replied, laughing: "My colleagues often tell me: 'don't worry, you have done a good job'. My perfectionist approach is a German way of working."

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