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Larex has experienced painters available

Do you require a painter, construction or renovation painter or an all-round painter? Larex will provide painting companies with the best expert for your painting job. Our painters can be placed on multiple projects in the painting sector everywhere in Holland. Do you have a painting job or a complex painting project where a lot of skills and experience is required? Larex’ experienced and qualified personnel will be there to help you to get the job done.

Larex is specialized in painters

Larex' German and Polish painters are qualified, motivated and has at least 3 years work experience. We will guide and support our painters by means of training, clothing, tools, housing and transportation (see About Larex). You can hire them for a short or longer period for your painting projects. As VCU-certified temporary staffing agency we will offer you the opportunity to work with VCA-certified personnel.

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Call +31 570-517115 or fill in this contact form.

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