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The strenghts of Larex


Upon hiring technical professionals, assurance is of utmost importance to you. Not only the quality of personnel, but also the organization matters that is helps you finding the best people for the job. You can always depend on Larex.

Reliable Staff Agency

Many temporary employment agencies are placing employees from other European countries. By choosing Larex Staffing Agency you have selected a certified and a reliable temporary employment agency. You will be guaranteed that you as our client en your temporary hired personnel are getting the best service aligned with the norms of the Dutch law. Larex is a reliable partner for all your projects. Our recognized ABU membership and the NEN 4400-1 certification confirm this.

Extensive guidance of our professionals

Larex specializes in placing technical personnel from Germany, Poland and Slovakia a.o. We are familiar with their cultures. We spend a lot of attention to transferring knowledge to our temporary staff about working in Holland. Moreover our staff are extensively guided and supported. Our efforts will mostly focus on safety on the workplace, the actual activities that need to be taken up and housing. We take pride in our VCU- and Flex Home certificates that emphasize that we care about our professionals.

In the menu “About Larex” you will read more about our services for temporary staff.

The field manager is there to assist you

As our client you will be supported in the transfer of information about the activities and the safety demands. The field manager visits our clients on a regular basis to ensure safety, health and working conditions are guaranteed and to answer any of their questions related to these matters.