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Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers about jobs, staff and Larex

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Job offers

I have no means of transportation but would like to work in Holland. Is that possible?

In order to get to work, some means of transportation is required. We support employees by arranging transportation for them. This can be via carpooling with colleagues or employees can make use of Larex Volkswagen Caddy.

Available staff

Can the temporary staff of Larex work on projects in Belgium?

Yes; Larex Personeelsbemiddeling has an official registration as an approved agency in Belgium. Temporary staff of Larex is allowed to work in Belgium. For administrative purposes: please inform Larex beforehand when work will be carried out in Belgium so that we can do the appropriate paperwork. If you have questions regarding the use of temporary staff in Belgium? Please contact Thomas Ganzevles (+31 570-517115).

We only want temporary staff with VCA certificate?

This is possible. We have employees with the VCA certificate in our workforce. Please indicate to your account manager that VCA certificate is required for your project or your company.

Does your workforce speak Dutch?

Our workforce has their origin in the countries: Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, In general they speak their mothertongue and other languages like English, German and sometimes even Dutch. If you would like your employee to speak a certain language then we can select the correct workforce for you. Depending on the availability at that monent.

I subscribed to the Larex newsletter but didn't receive the newsletter?

This can have several causes. 1) Check the spamfilter. The newsletter is sent from info@larex.nl. If your spamfilter is blocking this e-mail address you can add it to the white-list to secure arrival. 2) We didn't properly proces your subscription. Please contact the Larex headquarter in Holland so we can verify your subscription.

Work in Holland

Do you also have work for people from other countries then Germany, Poland and Slovakia?

Yes we do. We can fullfill our vacancies with technical skilled staff from European countries

Can I get health insurance for my wife and children in The Netherlands?

This is only possible if you have a family health insurance policy in your homeland. The registration of your family members can be done via the E106 form.

The health insurance organisation will proces this automatically. Please note that the insurance for your family will not be registered at HollandZorg, but at CVZ (the parent company).

The insurance invoice for your family will be sent to your home and you have to pay this yourself. Larex cannot deduct the costs for family health insurance from your wages. Attention: the invoice CVZ sents to your home is an invoice for a year!

About Larex

How do I know how many vacation hours I have? (Because the pay slip only shows amounts)

With the amount which is indicated under "Vacation hours" you can calculate your vacation hours. This is the calculation: vacation hour amount / gross salary = vacation hours.

Does Larex have a health insurance for temp workers?

Yes; Larex has a contract with HollandZorg, a collective health insurance provider for foreign temporary workers in the Netherlands. Please fill in the authorization form you receive when you start working for Larex. Larex will arrange the health insurance with HollandZorg for you. The health insurance costs will be deducted from your salary automatically. If you have questions about health insurance, please contact the nearest office.

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