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Larex Staffing Agency is a modern and reliable employer. Via Social Media we inform our clients and employees about current developments like: current job vacancies for jobseekers, available staff for clients, news, trends and Larex affairs. You can easily share this information with your own network.


Stay informed quick and easy. We have Twitter accounts in 5 languages for our English, German, Polish and Slovak employees and our Dutch clients.

Our Twitter accounts:
www.twitter.com/larexbv (Dutch)
www.twitter.com/arbeitinholland (German)
www.twitter.com/pracaholandii (Polish)
www.twitter.com/pracavholandsku (Slovak)
www.twitter.com/jobinholland (English)


Through Facebook, we share information, photos and videos with our employees and jobseekers in their own language. For our clients, we have a Facebook page set up so they have access to information and available personnel via Facebook also.

Our Facebook page can be found at these URLs:
www.facebook.com/larexbv (Dutch)
www.facebook.com/ikzoekpersoneel (campaign page for clients)
www.facebook.com/arbeitinholland (German)
www.facebook.com/pracaholandii (Polish)
www.facebook.com/pracavholandsku (Slovak)
www.facebook.com/workinholland (English)


We have a company page on LinkedIn where we publish information for our clients regarding development in the staffing industry and Larex Staffing Agency. You will also find information about Larex employees and internal vacancies.

Our LinkedIn company page can be found at the URL: