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Working in Holland

What's good about Holland

Working in a foreign country brings a lot of new experiences. Our German, Polish and Slovak employees praise the Dutch work ethics and Dutch work environment. After working and living in Holland for a while their initial image of Holland was enriched with real life experiences. Some observations are listed here.

Work environment

Dutch people are friendly and tolerant. European research has shown that the most friendly work environment can be found in Holland. Hierarchy in work situations is clear. However, it will not be expressed as such. Colleagues, being it direct or indirect colleagues or managers, are addressing each other on a first name basis.


Health insurance is well organized in Holland. The quality of medical staff and hospitals is high. Currently employees will have to ensure that they take out on a health insurance that matches their needs. However if very specific care is needed it may take a while before you can be helped.

Dutch Language

Whether people are planning to work temporary or long-term in Holland, if foreigners will try to integrate a little with the Dutch this will be surely appreciated. Buy a translation dictionary and make sure you get the hang of basic concepts. Almost all Dutch people speak English so it is easy to communicate with them . There are a number of dialects in the Netherlands, often geographically distributed in the North (Fries and Drents dialect), East (Achterhoeks and Twents dialect), South (Brabants and Limburgs dialect) and the West (Haags, Rotterdams and Amsterdams dialect).


Dutch pioneers sailing the seas made contact with foreign cultures. Tolerance and acceptance of foreigners, in terms of language, gender, skin color or habit, is high in the Netherlands. Discrimination is low, but does occur. The Dutch humor is dry and full of irony. The Dutchman lives much at home but likes to go out the door for social and sporting activities, going out for a drink or cinema.


Qua infrastructure the Netherlands is a modern country. A lot is invested in infrastructural facilities like roads, business premises and airports. 16 million people live in the Netherlands and when they go to work in the morning there are mostly traffic jams. They try to solve this with flexible working hours and more public transport.

The climate

The Netherlands has a temperate climate. The winter temperatures are around -5 degrees Celsius and in the summer they can rise to about 30 degrees. There have however been some peaks in recent years both above and below those temperatures. The temperate climate ensures good conditions for outdoor work.