Do you regularly encounter a shortage of skilled personnel? Do you need a carpenter, welder, installer, electrician or painter quickly?

Rely on the 7 professional guarantees from Larex

  1. Safety always comes first
    Our craftsmen receive thorough work and safety instructions and we regularly check on working conditions.
  2. Specialist in your sector
    100% at home in the Construction, Technical, Metal Working and Painting sectors
  3. National coverage and yet locally active
    The certainty of pro-active locations throughout the country with knowledge of the local labor market.
  4. Recruitment at home and abroad
    Always sufficient craftsmen available for large and small projects through recruitment at home and abroad.
  5. Always conformity with legislation and regulations
    Wij volgen en hebben aantoonbare kennis van arbeidsrecht en specifieke wet- en regelgeving.
    We have verifiable knowledge of employment laws and regulations in your sector.
  6. Qualified professional craftsmen
    Wij spreken en screenen onze vaktalenten persoonlijk en staan voor 100% in voor hun skills.
    We screen our craftsmen personally and are 100% responsible for their skills.
  7. Equipped with proper tools & equipmentWe make sure our craftsmen have access to the right tools and equipment.

Where other recruitment or temp companies sell ‘no’, Larex delivers!

Scarcity? No excuses. Larex has craftsmen available instantly. They come from Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Spain. Reliable, super motivated, familiar with the Dutch work culture and safety procedures. Indicate who, what and where you are looking for craftsmen and we will call you back instantly. Or make your own selection from our international database.