Employment conditions in accordance with CLA

Personnel from Larex Staffing Agency that works for clients are entitled to good working and employment conditions. The employment conditions of temporary workers is enshrined in the Collective Labour Agreements (CLA, Dutch: CAO) of the General Association of Temporary Agencies (NBBU).

Temporary workers are entitled to:

  • fair payment
  • good working conditions
  • proper accomodation and housing

Fair Payment

In the Collective Labour Agreement for temporary workers a reward scheme has been taken up. It specifies precisely how a worker should be scaled in a job and how the hourly rate should be determined.

Good employment conditions

This Collective Labour Agreement works according to a phase system. This means your status will become more secure if you are employed for a longer period of time with the same temporary employment agency. There are three stages: 1, 2 and 3. In the Collective Labour Agreement for temporary workers all phases are explained in detail. A copy of the Collective Labour Agreement can be found in our download section.

Proper accomodation and housing

Larex arranges accomodation and housing for our employees. Read all about it on our Accomodation page.