Our specializations

You are looking for professional skills, we offer professional skills. In the Construction, Technical, Metal Working and Painters sector. Within a construction that meets your demand and situation. For every desired duration. According to applicable laws and regulations.

Larex delivers! We even give unique guarantees for that! That is the strength of being a specialized (inter)national recruiter of European craftsmen for many years. And if we don’t find the right craftsman for you in the Netherlands, we utilize our connections in various EU countries.

Our services in the Metal, Technical, Building and Painting sector.

Metal personell

Do you need a fitter, bench worker, welder, miller, CNC turner, pipe fitter, or other personnel in the metal sector? The professional staff of Larex is qualified, motivated, flexible and has at least 3 years of work experience. We guide and support our temporary workers with training, clothing, tools, housing and transportation. Our employees can be deployed for both short and longer periods. 

Technical personell

Do you now need an electrician, technician, panel builder or other specialist in electrical engineering? Our technical staff can be deployed on various projects within the electrical industry. Do you have an electrotechnical job or a complex project that requires a lot of professional knowledge and experience? The experienced and certified Larex staff is at your service. 


Do you need a maintenance painter, construction painter, renovation painter or allround painter? As a painting company, you are at the right address at Larex. Our painters have expert knowledge and experience and can be quickly deployed on various projects throughout the Netherlands. The experienced and certified painters of Larex are ready for you. 

Construction personnel

Do you now need a bricklayer, carpenter, plasterer, roofer, tiler or other craftsman in construction? Our construction staff can be deployed on various construction projects throughout the Netherlands. Do you have a construction project, refurbishment or new construction that requires a lot of professional knowledge and experience? The experienced and certified construction staff of Larex is ready for you.