Larex Payroll Services

Larex offers a complete package of services for employers and employees and is the best solution for staffing of temporary and permanent positions. Current labor market forces many companies to be hesitant when it comes to hiring new personnel. By hiring new personnel via Larex Payroll Services you will limit the risks of staffing and stay in control.

What is payroll?

We will hire and contract your new employees after which Larex will become the formal and legal employer. This is the most essential difference between payrolling and payment services of salaries only. With only the salary payment services outsourced you will legally become the employer. Via our payrolling we will act formally and legally as the employer therefore taking away all your labor related risks and burden. This means that all personnel administrative actions like contracts, extended salary payments, disability ensurances, annual statements, termination procedures, salary administration and Collective labor agreements (CAO) and legal changes are part of our Larex Payrolling Service.

Is payrolling interesting for your organization?

Payrolling is interesting for every organization that works with personnel, being it for longterm or short term projects.

Benefits of payrolling

Financial benefits
You will know up front exactly what your personnel costs will be. Moreover you will pay a fixed tarif and will receive one invoice at a time.
This will enable you to forecast and budget your personnel related cost spending much more accurately and effectively.

Administrative benefits
You will no longer have to familiarize yourself with the labor law and legislation and administrative commitments. We are professionals when it comes to payroll, labor law and legislation.

You will no longer receive invoices and/or declarations to authorities like the UWV, the tax administration, retirement- and all other related ensurances, the Arbodienst (health and safety authority), the absence insurances and auditing firms (salary and personnel administration), as this will all be taken care of by Larex.

Your financial administration will be simplified, the efforts will be decreased and you will create transparency which will enable you to realize a considerable reduction in costs.

Personnel benefits
Not much will significantly change for your employees, with the exception of them being able to fall back on a professionalized business services provider in the area of personnel and organization.
You will experience the increased flexibility, that will enable you to act on any immediate changes in market conditions.

You as our client will remain in full control of all necessary main activities, like hiring of employees, stating the salary scales, conducting performance reviews and other non-transactional personnel related activities that are at the core of your internal way of working within your organization. Nothing will change in the working environment of your organization.

More information

Would you like to know more about Larex Payroll Services? Please feel free to contact our Payroll team. You can contact them via email: or via this telephonenumber: +31 570-860088.”