Reference from our European employees

Our international staff has been interviewed about their experiences with working in Holland and working via Larex.

Plumber Ralf

Published: 01-10-2017 in category What employees say

I really enjoy working for Larex in the Netherlands. Since I often work at different locations, I regularly stay at different places. Currently, I live in a bungalow in Zandvoort. Housing is always well organised. Every week, I drive back to my hometown Schönebeck on Thursday evening. I spend a lot of time in the car because I drive back to the Netherlands on Monday morning.…Continue readingPlumber Ralf

Electrician Thomas

Published: 03-07-2017 in category What employees say

Every day, Thomas drives from his host family’s home in Swifterband to Lelystad. The Polish electrician works at a Dutch polder via Larex. The fact that he loves it here shows in his enthusiasm. “Wszystko jest dobrze tutaj! (Everything is great here!),” he says with a laugh.…Continue readingElectrician Thomas

E-fitters Grzegorz and Robert

Published: 12-04-2017 in category What employees say

The e-fitters Grzegorz and Robert had the opportunity to work via Larex in London. A dutch company hired them for a electrical project in the centre of London. Larex organized their trip and accomodation. Working with colleagues from different nationalities made their stay in the UK a great professional and personal experience.…Continue readingE-fitters Grzegorz and Robert

Electricians Andrzej and Krystian

Published: 12-01-2017 in category What employees say

“Polish people often appear in the Dutch media, in a negative context. We have no negative experiences in the Netherlands” Those are the words of Andrzej and Krystian, who are called The Golden Hands by their employer. “We are good in our profession and we try to assimilate, we are even improving our Dutch language skills.…Continue readingElectricians Andrzej and Krystian

Tiler Kristof

Published: 18-10-2016 in category What employees say

Kristof heard about Larex through a colleague. At first, he didn’t believe what he was told about working at Larex and the financial rewards. Kristof’s friend had seen an ad in a newspaper, too. Now, both tilers have been working in the Netherlands for six months and they work on different projects, large and small, for construction companies in the Amsterdam area.…Continue readingTiler Kristof

Painter Jochen

Published: 23-08-2016 in category What employees say

I am very satisfied with my work. I have been working here for Larex’s Dutch clients for a year and a half. The cooperation with Larex suits me particularly well. The most important thing for me is mutual trust and the NBBU membership gives me the additional security that I work for a reliable company.…Continue readingPainter Jochen

Welder Benjamín

Published: 12-01-2015 in category What employees say

Since 2006 Benjamin works as a welder at a company that produces tools, transport and machinery supplies. Benjamin is a real craftsman in steel and engineering and his craftsmanship is a valuable asset since there is a shortage of technical craftsman in Holland.…Continue readingWelder Benjamín