Larex takes care of accomodation

Our employers do not have to worry about their accommodation in Holland. Larex takes care of the housing and accomodation for temporary- and long-term staff.

Our staff live in residential areas

In order to provide our temporary workers with a wide range of quality living space, Larex owns houses and apartments, spread across the Netherlands. We want to offer a home to temporary workers and in the distribution of housing we will take into account language, culture and the distance to the employer.

Video Larex accommodation

NBBU Certified Flex Home

Larex is a Certified Flex Home agency. This certificate is issued to members of the NBBU and the NBBU who work with migrant workers and have their own housing locations. To receive this certificate the agency must comply with the housing standards set by the NBBU.

These standards are exactly the same for NBBU members. An independent institution checks whether these housing standards are applied correctly by the agency. If it appears that these requirements are met, they are permitted to use the Certified Flex Home logo for their standards for housing.

The accomodations of Larex Staffing Agency comply to these standards and they can be recognized by the Certified Flex Home sticker applied to the facade. An example of the sticker is showed.

Temporary living space for temporary workers

As the amount of available personnel goes beyond the available accomodation we own, we will arrange additional housing near the workplace via various organizations. This could include: rental houses, hotels and holiday homes in holiday villages.

Do you have accomodation available?

Do you have housing and accomodation available in Holland for Larex? If so, please contact the Larex headquarter in Deventer via telephonenumber: +31 88 49 49 600.