A craftsman is as good as his tools

Larex has the responsibility together with the client to offer a work environment to our craftsmen where machinery, tools and materials can be used safe and efficient.

A professional often carries his own tools and he prefers working with his own tools. The use of own tools and protective clothing is recommended as long as the equipment is fully safe and meets the requirements of the client.

Larex has tools and protective clothing in stock. In agreement, Larex staff can be provided with the a wide range of tools and protective materials when they start working on projects for our clients. Whether the Larex employee will be working in a workshop or on a building site, all the necessary materials are available.

This is a shortlist of the materials we have in stock:

  • construction helmets
  • hearing protection
  • safety glasses
  • masks for painters
  • overalls for specific environment (indoors/outdoors)
  • safety shoes with steel toecaps
  • drills
  • toolboxes with hammers, screwdrivers, etc.
  • clothing

Caution is the parent of safety

Security in and around the workplace begins with the proper use of machinery and tools, working according to procedures, business rules and quality-, environmental-, safety- and fire-regulations. Our aim is to deal with health and safety risks for our employees at the source.

  • selection of professionals with appropriate qualifications and experience
  • instructions before starting on a project on the working conditions and safety
  • guidance on the first day
  • contact persons that speak the language of the worker
  • evaluations with employee and client

If you encounter unsafe situations while working for Larex on a project? Please report this to our safety officer at the Larex headquarter in the Netherlands: +31 88 49 49 609.