Published: 29-11-2021 in category Metal Working
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Larex has more than 15 years of experience in the temporary deployment and secondment of European professionals. Larex is also the largest company in the Netherlands in the engineering, construction, metal and painting sector.

Position description

For several clients we are currently looking for steel construction technicians.
Based on drawings and assembly instructions, these technicians must be able to work partly independently and partly following instructions from the foreman/assembly supervisor at all types of assembly locations throughout the Netherlands.
These projects relate to the installation and completion of various steel constructions in different market segments.

The work will consist of:
• Reviewing construction drawings.
• Ensuring a safe working environment.
• Setting up, aligning and assembling the supplied components/steel structures to create a finished product.
• Reworking components through grinding, cutting and welding.
• Positioning and erecting components using tools, cranes and hydraulic platforms.
• Performing measurements.

Position requirements

• Knowledge of and preferably experience in the assembly of steel structures
• Spoken English
• VCA base
• Hydraulic platform certificate
• Having a driving license B is a bonus

• You are flexible, reliable and work hard.
• You are interested in working for a longer period of time.

What does Larex offer

• A salary of between €450 and €480 net per week, for a 40 hour working week
• Travel expenses (when applicable)
• Weekly salary payment
• Accommodation paid by Larex, single room and Wi-Fi
• Contact person speaking your language
• Long-term projects/job security
• Working conditions in accordance with the NBBU CAO (collective bargaining agreement)

In addition to your wage you will also receive:
• Health insurance
• Entitlement to a pension
• PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
• Option to obtain a VCA certificate
• When driving your own car you receive € 0.19 per kilometre for commuter traffic, as from the 1st kilometre
• Help with applying for a BSN

3 years
Job drivers license:
Drivers license B
Job region:
Province Utrecht
Job duration:
No fixed term
Start date from:
2005.1 EN