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Larex Personeelsbemiddeling

Larex is a recruitment agency with more than 15 years of experience as employer for European skilled workers in the construction industry. With many long-term projects in the Netherlands, Larex is one of the marketleaders.

Position description

A steel fixer is a tradesman who positions and secures steel reinforcing bars, also known as rebar, and steel mesh used in reinforced concrete on construction projects. The work involves following engineering drawings that detail the type of bar and the spacing used and setting out the work. The reinforcing bars are tied together with wire, which is cut using nips, or electric rebar tiers. Steel fixers are also responsible for attaching ‘spacers’ and ‘chairs’ that determine the amount of concrete cover.

Position requirements

  • Relevant work experience in the above function
  •  Being able to work independently from drawings
  •  In the possession of a driving license
  •  Own transport (is an advantage)
  •  Knowledge of the English or German language
  •  You understand technical drawings
  •  You can work independently

What does Larex Personeelsbemiddeling offer

  • A salary of €450 to €550 for a 40 hour working week (depending on the relevant work experience)
  •  Reimbursement of travel expenses (when applicable)
  •  Weekly salary payment
  •  Accommodation paid by Larex, single room and Wi-Fi
  •  Contact person speaking your language
  •  Long-term projects/job security
  •  Working conditions in accordance with the NBBU CAO (collective bargaining agreement)

In addition to your wage you will also receive:

  •  Health insurance
  •  Entitlement to a pension
  •  PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  •  Hand and electric tools
  •  Option to obtain a VCA certificate
  •  Help with applying for a BSN

Do you still have questions or do you want more information? If so, please contact our recruiter on +31 88 49 49 600 or via email at

3 years
Job drivers license:
Drivers license B
Job region:
Province Groningen
Job duration:
No fixed term
Start date from:
2006.72 EN