‘It was not an easy decision, but I am glad that I chose the Netherlands’

Published: 23-12-2019 in category News

Madalin Fronoiu has been working as a plumber in the Netherlands for nearly three years. His roots are in Romania, where his wife and daughter live. He misses them every day. He is very honest about his decision to work in the Netherlands: ‘For the money’. It was not an easy decision. “I have talked about it with my wife a lot of evenings.”

The chance to earn significantly more than in his own country was the decisive factor. Madalin and his wife bought a house in Romania, close to his home town of Ploiesti. They want to pay it off quickly. “It would give me a little more freedom to decide what the rest of my life will be like”, says 36-year-old Madalin. “I would like to start my own company, preferably as a photographer, that’s my passion. It is a real dream.”

‘Happy with the situation’

Since he registered with Larex to work in the Netherlands, Madalin has worked as a plumber at one client: Cevesin in Dieren, a specialist in installation, air-conditioning and medium-sized construction technology. He really feels at home. “I have incredibly nice colleagues and am one of the boys. I even help with the onboarding of new colleagues. I am very happy with the situation”.

His fast career as a Dutch plumber was anything but obvious. When Madalin got to know Larex through a friend, he only knew the theoretical side of the profession. “I knew a lot about it, but had never worked as a plumber in practice. Larex said: “Come on, we’ll take our chances”. I was thrown in at the deep end at Cevesin and I copied everything from my colleagues. In the meantime, I’m now on a par with them. And I‘m quite proud of it. I think it’s great that Larex had confidence in me.”

‘What a nice country to work and live in!’

Madalin is happy with the Netherlands. He says: “I only meet friendly and helpful people. Everybody at work is always enjoying things. And in the course of time I’m getting to know more about the Netherlands. What a beautiful country, and a nice country to work and live in. Due to circumstances I have had to deal with a lot of official bodies. They helped me really well, everywhere. Impressive.”

“Wish it was like that in Romania”, sighs Madalin. “Not just for what you earn as a plumber, but also the way in which everything is arranged here.” Madalin briefly considered bringing his wife and daughter to the Netherlands and to start a new life here, but he has decided not to. “It means I would have to start all over again and buy a suitable house in the Netherlands. That is not cheap.”

‘Incredible what Larex does for me’

When in the Netherlands for his work, Madalin lives in Almere Buiten. The house, which he shares with two colleagues, has been arranged by Larex. Travelling to work is easy, because most of the work is done in Flevoland. Now and again he is stuck in traffic for half an hour. Not too bad. He enjoys the clean and efficient Dutch motorways. And he gets a good travel allowance.

Madalin: “It is incredible what Larex does for me. There are some good guys working there. For every question that I have, I immediately get an answer. I am given the space to go home, to see my wife and daughter. At least one weekend each month and three to four times a year for a couple of weeks. I’ll be in Romania for a month around Christmas. And then we seriously get to cook. Finally some Romanian food! And I am sure that my wife has a list ready with all the jobs that I need to do around the house in that month.”

‘Do you want to work in the Netherlands? Do it right the first time. Contact Larex.’

“For me, Larex is a better employer in the Netherlands than I could ever find in Romania. But I see Larex as my business partner. We earn money, together. They really took good care of me when I arrived in the Netherlands. The support is really super. To my colleagues in Romania I can only say: if you decide to work in the Netherlands, make sure that everything is well and properly arranged. Contact Larex. Larex even has its own office in Romania!”