Larex, your employer in the Netherlands

Published: 23-12-2019 in category News

Ask an EU professional why he came to work in the Netherlands, and the answer is short and sweet. “Because I earn more money in the Netherlands than in my own country.” A fair reason, of course. But we add to that: please do it in a pleasant and reliable way. With Larex as your Dutch employer.

Larex Personeelsbemiddeling sees each EU professional in its pool as an employee. We guarantee that you will be paid for your work as well as any other Dutch professional. We don’t make any distinction. Professionalism is professionalism, work is work.

Know where you stand
We realise that you are coming this way in the first place to make money. We will show you exactly beforehand what you will earn and what we pay on your behalf to the Dutch Tax Authorities, and contribute to social security and your pension. According to European regulations, any pension accrued in the Netherlands will be in addition to the pension that you accrue at home.

Everything in line with Dutch and European legislation
One of the first items of the 7 professional guarantees of Larex is: timely and correct payment. You can always count on that. It is an important security that we, as a recognised Dutch temporary employment organisation, can offer you in our role as your employer. Larex only works with reputable companies in the engineering, construction, metal and painting sector. We ensure that Dutch legislation regarding work and safety is complied with.

Larex invests in long-term working relationships
As an employer and project partner in the Netherlands, we really value long-term relationships with our EU professionals and invest in them. We do that with:

    • good projects under safe working conditions;
    • certified housing near your work location;
    • maximum alignment between your work and your wishes to spend time with your family;
    • a new offer of work well in advance of the current project ending;
    • tips and advice for a pleasant stay in the Netherlands (also in social terms);
    • advice on increasing your job opportunities and prospects in the Netherlands;
    • always a fixed contact person;
    • pleasant meetings to get in touch with colleagues.

We take our role as an employer seriously. Because we really need professionals like you to make the many projects in the Netherlands a success. Do you, as a professional, have special wishes within our organisation? Please let us know.