Meet our professional Damian Gᾳsiorek

Published: 07-10-2020 in category News

Damian Gᾳsiorek – pleased with good working conditions, pleasant housing, the Dutch atmosphere and a permanent role as goalkeeper in FC Schadewijk’s ‘Polish team’

As an experienced programmer and operator, Damian Gᾳsiorek works with a sophisticated SafanDarley press brake. It is a safe place. Keeping his distance from colleagues is not a problem.. Since Damian joined Larex in June, he has worked at the Beco Group in Vianen. At this company he is part of a team working with a wide range of robust construction and earthmoving equipment. He is happy with the job. “Working conditions are great. I only have to ask my supervisor and I get what I need to properly do my job.”

Damian Gᾳsiorek has a lot of experience and has been working in the Netherlands for five years, of which six months at Larex. He speaks good English and is learning a few words of Dutch every day. “It’s a complex language. And learning it takes a little more effort now that I’m almost 30.” Why the Netherlands instead of his home country Poland? “That’s very simple. I don’t know what the ratio is at the moment, but five years ago Dutch companies paid their employees two to three times more than Polish equivalents. That makes the choice a lot simpler.”

‘The work has to be done, but no one is pushing’
“Money is not the only reason. The working atmosphere in the Netherlands is a lot nicer. Everyone is friendly, you help each other, there is less pressure from above. In Poland, every job has to be done ‘yesterday’, so to speak. In the Netherlands work has to be completed too, but the planning is realistic. No one is pushing others. The atmosphere among colleagues is pleasant. I see the Dutch people as open-minded, also on the street or in supermarkets. People think and care about each other. I don’t like to say it, but my experience is that people in Poland think of themselves first and foremost.”

But still, Damian misses his homeland. And especially his wife, Urszula, his family and his friends. And the food, sometimes. He is not impressed with Dutch cooking. Although, he loves a portion of ‘kibbeling’. And spring rolls, but they are not really Dutch! Something Damian truly does not understand is that many Dutch colleagues like ‘frikandellen’. “Really horrible. It’s incomprehensible to me that people eat them.”

‘I love the open atmosphere in the Netherlands’
Besides the ‘frikandellen’, Damian loves the open atmosphere in the Netherlands. He would like to rent an apartment here for his wife and himself, so that they can settle permanently in the Netherlands. But his wife is not quite sure yet. She works in Poland as a midwife and wants to take the step only if a Dutch hospital has a good job for her. Makes sense, says Damian. “Like me, she does what she likes to do and what she has studied for. You want to continue with that.”

At the moment, Larex provides his housing. “That is well organised. I have my own apartment. It’s old, but clean. Here I can find the privacy and tranquillity I need after a hard day’s work. I have shared a home before with five or six colleagues. That was always noisy and queuing for a slot in the kitchen. I wasn’t very happy with that. Where I’m now is perfect for me.”

‘We have our own football team of Polish Oss residents’
Damian feels at home and appreciated in the Netherlands. In his work, but also at his local football club, FC Schadewijk in Oss. It is a close-knit club for Oss residents. But also for Polish Oss residents, because the club has a separate Polish team. “Very special”, says Damian. “We play in the Dutch competition. The youngest is 18, the oldest 40. It’s a real group of friends, but pretty fanatic. Polish people together in a Dutch setting, what else could you want?”

‘If you want to do technical work in the Netherlands, then Larex is your partner’
This sympathetic programmer/operator is fearless in the goal of his Polish team. He goes to the training every Tuesday and Thursday, and does not miss a match on Sundays. “Football keeps me fit. I like being on the pitch. It is a nice way to see and speak to compatriots on the one hand and to actively participate in Dutch society on the other. We always have a lot of fun.”

Damian Gᾳsiorek has only praise for Larex. “Everything is well organised. I can contact my coordinator with any questions I have. Whether I would recommend Larex to colleagues in Poland? Absolutely. One hundred percent. If you want to work in the technology sector in the Netherlands, then Larex is your partner.”

Damian Gᾳsiorek has been working for Larex Personeelsbemiddeling since 2020. He works as a certified programmer/operator behind a press brake at Beco BV in Vianen. Damian lives near Poznán with his wife Urszula. Every five weeks he is in Poland for a week. He is always happy to see his wife, family and friends again. But after a week he is also happy to go back to the Netherlands. “I’m used to it, my wife is used to it. Her father always did the same…”