Meet our professional Pawel Cieslar

Published: 15-12-2020 in category News

Because of his relationship with Larex, Pawel Cieslar can enjoy the peace and security of having stable employment. ‘Corona has shown us above all that you cannot plan your work and life too far ahead.’

Pawel Cieslar has been working as a painter at Larex since the end of 2016. He is very pleased with his employer and his current client, the Rosendaal Schilderwerken B.V. in Beek. Pawel enjoys being in the Netherlands, but misses his wife and children. He will spend the coming holidays in Poland. He says: “Nothing can beat that. Home is home.”

He will pass the holidays with his wife and three children, and his family and friends in Poland. It will have been almost three months since he was ‘home’. “Far too long,” says Pawel Cieslar who works full days as a painter at the Rosendaal Schilderwerken B.V. in Beek (Gelderland). “The amount of work just did not allow it. That is, of course, difficult. But in these strange times, I should be very pleased with such a good and reliable employer. As soon as I am back in the Netherlands, they will have work for me. That is, if it does not start to freeze too badly.”

‘Now I have the certainty of work that I was looking for as a father of three children’

Pawel, raised in a village near Krakow in southern Poland, has been working with Larex since the end of 2016. He was looking for work in the Netherlands, found an online vacancy at Larex, and then the connection was quickly made. In fact, Christmas 2020 should have marked his final return to Poland, where he wants to settle as a self-employed painter and decorator. But Corona has put a stop to that. Pawel: “Nothing is certain. A lot of work has come to a standstill in Poland. At the moment, the risk is just too great. In the Netherlands I have the

ertainty of work that I was looking for as a father of three children.”
Pawel and his wife have a son of four and twin boys of barely three years old. His wife gave up her work to care for the little ones. Because her income was lost, Pawel decided to start working in the Netherlands for three years. Just until the boys could go to child care and his wife would be able to start working again.

‘Because of Corona, self-employed entrepreneurs are unsure about the future’

That moment has come, but Corona has become a killjoy. Pawel: “If you work for an employer, wages in the Netherlands are two to three times higher than in Poland. And no matter how difficult it was to say goodbye to my family, the choice is then quickly made. For a self-employed person, wages in the Netherlands and Poland are very similar, but you never know if you will have enough work. Because of Corona, the situation has become even more uncertain. So I have decided to stay with Larex for at least another year. And that shows that you can’t plan your work and your life too far ahead.”

Pawel Cieslar is really enjoying his time at Rosendaal Schilderwerken B.V.. He has friendly colleagues, some of which are compatriots. He understands the Dutch language well, especially when it comes to work-related things. Speaking Dutch is another story though. “I do try, but if a Dutchman notices that it is causing a few problems, he will immediately switch to English. So that’s not helping. Luckily, my English is pretty good. I know guys from Poland who speak neither English, nor German, nor Dutch. I don’t understand that at all. You’re missing a lot if you can’t talk to each other.”

‘I miss my sport and contact with my friends’

Before Corona Pawel had a pretty busy life, with lots of social contact and sports activities. He trained as a physical education teacher and was a semi-professional volleyball player in Poland. Once in Gelderland, he immediately joined a local volleyball club. Playing sport, and doing the training and competitions was a good outlet after a day of hard work, and an excellent way to cultivate social contacts. But now everything has gone quiet. “I really miss that. At the moment, you can’t do much more than watch TV and surf the internet in your apartment. That makes it extra difficult to be away from home and I can’t wait to get to work in the morning.”

“Why a painter? I really wanted to teach or work as a volleyball coach, but could not find a job. A friend asked me if I wanted to learn how to be a painter whilst working for his company. I said ‘yes’ to that right away and am really happy about that. It is a nice and rewarding profession. You see the results right away. Rosendaal is one of the largest painting companies in the Netherlands. This means that there is always work and a lot of variation. One moment I am working in new builds painting walls and ceilings, the next I am standing in a hall spraying machines. The atmosphere is very good. People are working hard, but there is no pressure from above. You take your own responsibility.”

‘In the meantime, I know everything there is to know about this profession and know what to do in an instant’

Meanwhile, Pawel considers himself an experienced painter and sprayer, and is proud of it. I know everything there is to know about this profession and know what to do in an instant.” At first he had regular contact with his Larex Account Manager. “He was always ready to help, nothing was too much trouble.” Now he knows what it’s all about and what to do. And if he has any questions, he can still always rely on Larex. He feels very valued at Larex and welcome in the Netherlands. “People are relaxed and nice. In three years I have only had two nasty experiences. That’s nothing…”

When asked whether he would recommend Larex to fellow professionals in his country of origin, Pawel says ‘yes’ without hesitation. “There are many employment agencies in the Netherlands and not all of them are reliable. At Larex you know that things are properly arranged. I have a contract and a roof above my head, I am properly insured and I don’t have to worry about Dutch taxes. And the most important thing is that I have stable and well-paid work. Larex is really an employer you can count on.”