What do I do if I have to return to my home country in case of emergency

Published: 23-09-2017 in category

Your account manager and your supervisor at your workplace are familiar with emergency procedures. After consulting with your Accountmanager and your manager at your workplace, you can immediately return to your country of origin for urgent matters. If you have emergency after working hours? In that case, send an SMS, a WhatsApp message or leave … Continue reading “What do I do if I have to return to my home country in case of emergency”

I subscribed to the Larex newsletter but didn’t receive the newsletter?

Published: 23-09-2017 in category

This can have several causes. 1) Check the spamfilter. The newsletter is sent from info@larex.nl. If your spamfilter is blocking this e-mail address you can add it to the white-list to secure arrival. 2) We didn’t properly proces your subscription. Please contact the Larex headquarter in Holland so we can verify your subscription.

Does your workforce speak Dutch?

Published: 23-09-2017 in category

Our workforce has their origin in the countries: Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, In general they speak their mothertongue and other languages like English, German and sometimes even Dutch. If you would like your employee to speak a certain language then we can select the correct workforce for you. Depending on the availability at that … Continue reading “Does your workforce speak Dutch?”

Does your personnel bring their own tools?

Published: 23-09-2017 in category

We generally provide our staff with a basic set of tools to work with. On request we can provide them with specific tools. Please indicate to your accountmanager which tools the worker needs to have in his tool kit. Please check out the page Safety & Tools where you can find more information.

Can your staff work independently?

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Yes. In general our staff is capable of working independently. They are well trained and have multiple years experience in their trade. Please indicate to your accountmanager that the desired temporary worker needs to work independently and they will select the right worker from our workforce.

Can the temporary staff of Larex work on projects in Belgium?

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Yes; Larex Personeelsbemiddeling has an official registration as an approved agency in Belgium. Temporary staff of Larex is allowed to work in Belgium. For administrative purposes: please inform Larex beforehand when work will be carried out in Belgium so that we can do the appropriate paperwork. If you have questions regarding the use of temporary … Continue reading “Can the temporary staff of Larex work on projects in Belgium?”

Does Larex have a health insurance for temp workers?

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Yes; Larex has a contract with HollandZorg, a collective health insurance provider for foreign temporary workers in the Netherlands. Please fill in the authorization form you receive when you start working for Larex. Larex will arrange the health insurance with HollandZorg for you. The health insurance costs will be deducted from your salary automatically. If … Continue reading “Does Larex have a health insurance for temp workers?”

Can I get health insurance for my wife and children in The Netherlands?

Published: 13-09-2017 in category

This is only possible if you have a family health insurance policy in your homeland. The registration of your family members can be done via the E106 form. The health insurance organisation will proces this automatically. Please note that the insurance for your family will not be registered at HollandZorg, but at CVZ (the parent … Continue reading “Can I get health insurance for my wife and children in The Netherlands?”