Painter Jochen

Published: 23 August 2016 in category Testimonials employees

Jochen practicing his craft in Holland

In Leiderdorp Jochen Dieckmann is standing on a scaffold. He currently works for a local painting company. Six houses need his finishing touch. “I really like to paint!”
The 34-year-old German professional has much pleasure in his work. He lives just across the German border, in the small town of Dorsten. Striking is his language; Jochen already speaks quite a bit of Dutch.

“My hometown is just across the Dutch border. During the week I stay in the Netherlands. Currently I sleep with 4 colleagues in a hostel in Noordwijk aan Zee. We have fun together, you’ll understand.” Jochen says that in Germany it was impossible for him to find a good job: “In the area in Germany where I live, unemployment is high. And because I live so close to the Netherlands, it seemed wise to look for work in Holland. It turned out to be a good move. For experienced painters there are enough jobs available!”

Thorough knowledge and skill

“I am very satisfied with my work. I work for Larex for eighteen months now. The cooperation with Larex suits particularly well. The most important thing for me is mutual trust. Larex is trustworthy, not only because of their NBBU membership, but because they do what the say they will do for you. I never had any problems. There is always clear communication and payment according to the Dutch CAO. And the fun part of this work is that I have painted windows and doors in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen and so on. And now I paint this residential block in Leiderdorp. All types of painting make ​​me happy. But restoration work, I find very entertaining. It requires a thorough knowledge and skills. And when a project is finished, I can really enjoy the paintwork “