For foreign employees

Foreign employees who work for a Dutch company or agency, are entitled to child benefits from the Dutch government or the government in their home country. The child benefit is a contribution to the living expenses of your child or children. Whether the child allowance in the Netherlands or in the home country is more beneficial, depends on the personal situation of the employee:

  • the country the employee lives in
  • the number of children under the age of 18
  • the joint income of yourself and your partner
  • the extent to which you pay for your child’s or children’s living expenses
  • your nationality

In order to receive child benefit in the Netherlands, employees should meet the following conditions:

  • they must declare for income tax
  • they must pay social security contributions or run a business

Support in requesting child benefit

Requesting Child Benefit in the Netherlands can sometimes be quite cumbersome. Larex Staffing Agency will support all German, Polish and Slovakian workers with requesting child benefit from the Dutch organization that assigns child benefit (Sociale Verzekeringsbank SVB).

The Sociale Verzekeringsbank has an international website with information about child benefit. Visit website in EnglishGerman or Polish.