Income Tax

European residents who work in Holland, have to pay income tax and social security insurance in Holland. These taxes will be withheld from employees’ wages via the employer or the agency they work for. The amount of tax paid is indicated on the payslip and the annual statement. In Dutch these taxes are called ‘loonbelasting’ and this consists of both “income tax” and “social security contributions”.

For the German, Polish and Slovak employees of Larex the Dutch tax law and/or tax laws from their home country can apply. Larex is familiar with the tax rules for these countries and gives advice. Larex also supports their foreign employees in obtaining and completing the neccesary tax statements and forms.

Foreign workers who work in Holland temporarily can benefit from tax returns. Tax refunds can be claimed in certain cases. The Dutch Tax Organization (Belastingdienst) has an international website with information about tax returns. Visit English pages or German pages.

If you have any questions related to tax, please check the FAQ or contact the Larex headquarters in Deventer (Holland) via our free phonenumber: +31 88 49 49 600.