Personal contact makes the difference

Közzétéve: 2017. szeptember. 7. kategóriában A Larex hírei

Ingo has already been working in the Netherlands for three years at Larex. Before that, he had spent a few years in Switzerland. He tells us, “That was much more stressful. The people were much less friendly and courteous. That is why I decided to come to the Netherlands. I like it much better. Not to mention that I do not have to drive as far if I want to visit my family and friends in Germany.”

Experienced fitters are hard to find, but Ingo is one of them! He is not sure of the exact number, but estimates that he has worked in the profession for around forty years. “In Germany, I obtained my first Meistertitel (a German vocational qualification for attending a university of applied sciences) to start with my fitter’s education programme immediately afterwards. After that training, I got to work right away. So by now, I must have at least around forty years under my belt.”

Up until the holiday season, Ingo Drevs was working on a large project in Amsterdam. He left for work early in the morning each day with his lunch box filled with heartily stuffed sandwiches, just like most of his colleagues. “In the early morning, you can get to Amsterdam by car with little trouble. After that, it starts to get very busy. I’m not much for all that madness, but at the end of the day, I am here to work.”

Ingo has good things to say about the guidance from Larex and the atmosphere there. He is always the life of the party at the annual Christmas gathering. “A chat here and there or a phone call—they show interest in you. Personal contact, that’s what it’s all about. That is how you really make the difference. You’re able to talk with each other comfortably.”