Meet the professionals – Tunde Sumegi

CNC milling operator Tunde Sumegi is 43 and has been working for Larex Metal for one year. In this interview we get to know her better and she tells us more about her work.

Why did you choose to work in the Netherlands? And why Larex?

I didn’t really have any plans, and it didn’t matter to me which country I was going to work and live in. I am from Hungary, but I have also lived in Iceland and Norway for a while. In Hungary, I studied CAD/CAM programming, but I could not find a suitable job in the countries I’ve mentioned. I knew that there is a lot more industry in the Netherlands, so there was more chance of finding a job. The fact that I came to work at Larex was really a coincidence. My mother sent me a vacancy from the Larex website and I applied. And Larex then immediately arranged a job for me!

Can you tell us something about the work you do for the client?

I work at Machinefabriek Elburg as a CNC milling machine operator. The client is great and they are also planning to offer me a course soon, so that I can also learn to set up the machines. Which is fantastic!

What is the best thing about your current job?

I have to say that this was not initially my dream role. I chose this direction because I had no other option. Circumstances dictated that I had to study in another city, but I could start right away with this course. Then, as I couldn’t find a job in the metal sector and still had to make ends meet, I worked for various companies, in various sectors. I think the most awful job was working in a fish factory. I would like to say that I would really recommend a career in the metal sector to women. I have had jobs that were physically much harder than this one.

How do you like working in the Netherlands?

I am very happy here. Elburg is a really beautiful town. It’s not busy, and I appreciate that. I’m happy with Larex and happy working for my client.

How do you get on with your Dutch colleagues?

I don’t have much contact with my colleagues. Of course, they are mostly men and sometimes I would prefer to chat with a female colleague. My manager is very nice and very helpful.

What about your free time – do you have hobbies, or perhaps activities with your flatmates?
Not that many actually. I wanted to start going to a gym, but then the corona virus came and gyms were closed down. As soon as it’s again possible, I’ll join a gym. Lately I do like walking. Though I often work the afternoon shift, so I sleep more and have less time to do things.

What do you think of Larex as an employer?

Everything is always as agreed. The salary is correctly calculated and paid on time. Accommodation is also good, I have a nice room. I am also very satisfied with the client, Machinefabriek Elburg.

Do you have regular contact with Larex?

I have very good contact with Daan (Senior Account Manager at Larex Metal). He visits the client every fortnight. I always get good information from him. If I have any questions, they are always answered quickly.

How do you feel about working in a mostly male industry?

It is really nice to be a woman in this industry. Everyone wants to help you. And the work is not as heavy as people think. There are certainly much more physical jobs for women.

Do you think more women should choose this profession? And if so, why?
I would definitely recommend it. It’s easy to learn and quite fun! You might get a bit dirty, but a bit of soap takes care of that. Women can do this! Gepubliceerd op 22 april 2021