Welder Benjamín

Benjamin has given his heart to the Netherlands

For Benjamin the sun is shining. He has the job where he can put in his heart and passion, his salary is good and his colleagues are proud of him. “The appreciation for my work and my personal abilities are in the spotlight here, which I find very special. This gives me extra energy!” Every few weeks Benjamin drives with his Larex colleagues back home. Benjamin is at home in Slovakia. “But job wise i also love the Netherlands. Well, I like it so well in The Netherlands that I will probably never leave.”

Working conditions are optimal

Since 2006 Benjamin works as a welder at a company that produces tools, transport and machinery supplies. Benjamin is highly skilled in the production of steel and machinery. He also produces prototypes. “I am in the right place, ever since the summer of 2006, when I started working for Larex. Working conditions in Slovakia were not so good. There was no work and I heard through the grapevine about Larex and I have made the right choice.”

Proud of my work

“I live with colleagues in a bungalow at a leisure center,” explains Benjamin. “The leisure center is close to my work and this saved me time. All personal and work processes are perfectly arranged by Larex. My salary is always paid on time. Larex listens to all my questions, that is nice.” As a satisfied employee he says:” My favorite part so far is that my colleagues tell me they are proud of me and proud of the work I deliver. You don’t hear that a lot in Slovakia. Moments like that give me that extra energy.” Gepubliceerd op 09 februari 2017