Plumber Ralf

From the pub to the scaffolding

Currently, a large group of houses is being built in Amsterdam Zuidoost. Ralf installs the sanitary and central heating facilities. Three years ago, he was unemployed and talking to a friend at a local pub in Germany. He will never forget that conversation: one week later, he started working for Larex.

“In 1994, I obtained my diploma in Germany. I was a certified plumber and was ready to work for a German company. Unfortunately, that company went bankrupt and I became unemployed. Immediately I started looking for another job, but that never got off the ground.” Ralf spoke with a friend one evening in a pub. This friend worked for Larex. He gave Ralf the phone number. “The next day I called and within a week, I was able to start working at Larex,” says the German plumber, excitedly.

More accurate than Dutch colleagues

I really enjoy working for Larex in the Netherlands. Since I often work at different locations, I regularly stay at different places. Currently, I live in a bungalow in Zandvoort. Housing is always well organised. Every week, I drive back to my hometown Schönebeck on Friday afternoon. The ride is long.

When asked what stands out to Ralf about his Dutch colleagues, he replies, laughing: “My colleagues often tell me: “Don’t worry so much, it’ll be fine.” But I grew up with this perfectionist approach.” Publicatie datum: 10 ianuarie 2017