Frequently Asked Questions COVID-19

We understand that the events around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is leading to questions about your work. Below you will find an overview of frequently asked questions:


  • I feel healthy. Can I go to work?

Yes, in that case you can go to work. But please adhere to the advice given by the RIVM and the hygiene rules. Also check the extra measures that have been taken on site, such as not taking breaks together with other people.

  • I have (mild) health problems, what should I do?

Please contact your account manager. If there is no reply, call our Sales Support team on 088 49 49 600.

  • Can I still visit the office?

Our offices are closed to casual visitors and can only be visited after making an appointment. Please contact us at 088 49 49 600 for any questions.

  • I need replacement clothing/tools.

Please contact your Account Manager.


  • I am looking for work. Are you still hiring new staff?

Certainly! Have a look at our vacancies and complete an application form. We will soon contact you by telephone or email.

  • Do I have to attend a job interview?

We are temporarily holding job interviews per telephone and not face-to-face at an office, for example.

Publicat în 10 martie 2020