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Long term jobs for technical professionals from abroad the Netherlands

Looking for a long term job in The Netherlands?

Jobs for professionals from abroad the Netherlands

Larex is a certified, reliable temporary employment agency that specializes in placing technical personnel from Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia,Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany in the Netherlands. We are familiar with your culture. We spend a lot of time on conveying knowledge to our temporary staff about working in the Netherlands. Topics such as safety in the workplace, the work activities themselves and housing are all discussed.

i’ll stay until i retire!

Tiler Kristof - Craftsman from Slovakia

Every few weeks, the friendly craftsmen drive from the Netherlands to Slovakia, and after a long weekend at home, they drive back to continue working in Amstelveen. “Sometimes, I still can’t believe it! I receive a weekly salary in my bank account,” Kristof says emphatically. Daniel adds: “Larex is also very consistent when it comes to the financial settlement. That’s brilliant. As long as Larex has work for me, I will continue to work for them. If I can, I’ll stay until I retire!”

Benefits with Larex

Going beyond to provide the best services to our employees

Holland is an excellent place to work and live with a lot of opportunities for technically skilled European professionals. At Larex we go beyond to provide the best services to our employees. We provide a single room and Wi-Fi at no extra cost, health insurance, the proper tools, professional work wear, and personal protective equipment (PPEs), travel allowance of €,23/ km for owners of own car and long-term projects and stable employment. Also the working conditions are in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement of the NBBU and there is an administrative support department for all candidates (including BSN, VCA)

Extensive guidance of our professionals

About Larex

Many temporary employment agencies are sending out employees from other European countries. By choosing Larex, you are selecting a certified, reliable temporary employment agency. You will be guaranteed that you, as our client, and your temporary hired personnel are getting the best service in accordance with the standards of Dutch law. Larex is a reliable partner for all your projects. Our recognised NBBU membership and the NEN 4400-1 certification are proof of this.
How do I register my worked hours?
As from January 7th 2022, All worked hours need to be registered on your Mysolution portal.
In Mysolution you can, among other things, add to your personal data, upload/view documents and find pay slips, annual statements, leave balance, placement confirmations and your contract if you are actively employed.
How to get a sofi number (BSN number) and how long does it take?
Sofi number, is necessary to work legally in the Netherlands. You can apply for a Sofi number at Dutch governmental institutions and you can authorize Larex in writing to arrange a Sofi number for you. It will take about 10 days to receive a Sofi number, and during the holiday this could take even more time. During this time you are allowed to work in Holland but you cannot receive total compensation (only a deposit). The rest of your earnings will be paid when the Sofi number is active.
What to do in case of illness?
Go to the ‘Reporting sick and recovery’ page on the website. Here you can find the form which needs to be filled in before 9AM, this is also required to fill in when reporting your recovery.
How do I know how many vacation hours I have? (Because the pay slip only shows amounts)
With the amount which is indicated under “Vacation hours” you can calculate your vacation hours. This is the calculation: vacation hour amount / gross salary = vacation hours.