Quality, safety and reliability

As our client, you require a high degree of quality, safety and security from the hired craftsmen as well as the agency that provides these professionals! The NBBU membership and NEN 4400-1 certificate guarantee that Larex can meet your preferences and demands.

Larex raises the bar. The professionals that we send to clients in the Technical, Construction, Metalworking, and Painting sectors possess VCA certificates or can obtain these at your request. This ensures that safety, health and the environment at your construction site will be maintained.

The VCU and NEN certificate and the NBBU membership are hallmarks of solid partners in the context of safety and the Sequential Liability Act (Dutch law: Wet Keten Aansprakelijkheid (WKA)). Larex is one such partner. You can be confident that you will be working with a reliable and registered agency when you work with us.

NBBU certified agency

Larex en DIT Personeelsbemiddeling BV is a member of the Netherlands Association of Staffing and Temporary Agencies (NBBU). With a NBBU-approved agency, client and employee risks are significantly decreased. Definitive use of the Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) is supervised and checked, as are the quality of administrative processes, sound business management, and the timely payment of social contributions and taxes.

Professionals choosing a recognised NBBU agency will enjoy the convenience of a staffing system without the risk of bad accommodation, poor salary payment and so on. Due to the high requirements, the bar is set very high for the majority of the thousands of temporary staffing agencies in our country to be admitted to the NBBU. Read more about the NBBU.

NEN 4400-1: The standard of the Labour Standardisation Foundation (Stichting Normering Arbeid)

Larex en DIT Personeelsbemiddeling BV is an NEN 4400-1 certificate holder. The certificate is proof that we properly manage our administration and pay our taxes and social security premiums. This certificate prevents businesses that work with Larex from having to deal with any risk of penalties. Read more about NEN 4400-1

VCU: Safety, Health and Environment Checklists for Contractors (VCU)

The VCU certificate is intended for staffing agencies that place people at locations and projects associated with increased risks. VCU-certified agencies are up to date on the proper terms regarding working conditions, labour and illness. The VCU-standard is based on the VCA-system for contractors. VCA stands for Safety, Health and Environment Checklists for Contractors. Read more about VCA.

Larex account managers are VCU certified

Larex account managers are individually VCU certified. They are aware of the hazards and safety requirements in the workplace. These are discussed with all staff members. They also have a supervisory role in the event of any unsafe situations in the workplace. This ultimately results in decreased absenteeism and fewer accidents. That’s a nice feeling, right?

Temporary workers and VCA certificates

Larex encourages temporary workers to get certified and offers those without VCA certificates to be trained in VCA. More and more Larex temporary workers are VCA certified.