When hiring technical professionals, security is of utmost importance to you. You not only need to be secure in the quality of the craftsman, but also in the professionalism of the organisation, so that you know everything will be handled properly. Larex provides that kind of security.

Reliable staff agency

Many temporary employment agencies are sending out employees from other European countries. By choosing Larex, you are selecting a certified, reliable temporary employment agency. You will be guaranteed that you, as our client, and your temporary hired personnel are getting the best service in accordance with the standards of Dutch law. Larex is a reliable partner for all your projects. Our recognised NBBU membership and the NEN 4400-1 certification are proof of this.

Extensive guidance of our professionals

Larex specialises in placing technical personnel from Germany, Poland, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, etc. We are familiar with their cultures. We spend a lot of time on conveying knowledge to our temporary staff about working in the Netherlands. Topics such as safety in the workplace, the work activities themselves and housing are all discussed. Our VCU and Certified Flex Home certificates that emphasise that we care about our professionals.

The account manager is there to assist you

As our client, you will be supported in conveying information about the work activities and safety demands. The account manager visits our clients on a regular basis to ensure safety, health and working conditions are maintained and to answer any of their questions related to these matters.

The partners we collaborate with

Larex eagerly offers its clients a full service package.  By combining the strengths and specialisations of our partners, we are able to offer our clients the total package. We integrate our expertise with that of our other collaborators, which allows us to jointly provide optimised and complete services to all our clients.

DIT Personeel

Partner for Dutch technical personnel
Only one thing matters to you: do you have enough qualified professional craftsmen available whenever you need them? If you leave it up to us, then yes, you do. DIT Personeel will ensure that you always have professional talent at your disposal, regardless of whether you need staff for Engineering, Construction, Industry, Metalworking or Painting. We are 100% here for craftsmen. Larex and DIT Personeel work together to provide businesses with the qualified technical staff that they need. We make things easy for Larex clients. No matter what kind of professional you hire, Larex is your central point of contact for temporary and permanent technical staff.