A job as a welder, a skillful profession

The profession of welder involves many techniques. A welder uses welding equipment to weld or join metal parts. Different techniques are used for the welding process, such as TIG welding or MIG/MAG welding. There is often a vacancy for each specific technique. In this article we will tell you more about the techniques and skills that a welder has!

Welding techniques

MIG/MAG welding is a form of arc welding where the welding machine delivers a voltage. This creates heat between the welding wire and the workpiece, and the materials melt together. MIG/MAG welding is used in many sectors, such as boiler construction, shipbuilding and the automotive industry. Do you have experience with MIG/MAG welding and are you looking for a new challenge? Then look at our vacancies for MIG/MAG welders Vacancies - Welder MIG/MAG - Larex.

Another well-known welding technique is TIG welding. TIG welding, which is often used to weld stainless steel and aluminium, uses a non-melting tungsten electrode. A job as a TIG welder allows you to carry out a very controlled welding process. This is a technique that places high demands on the welder's skills. This is therefore a welder vacancy for the real specialist.

Welder’s skills

Being a welder is quite a tough job in which concentration and accuracy are important. The nice thing about a job as a welder is the variety of techniques. A welder must know how to construct the components, which is why it is important that he can read drawings. The following personal characteristics also suit a welder:
• A real go-getter
• Likes to work with his hands
• Proceeds systematically and with concentration

A welder also carries out production welding, works on welded joints, measures, evaluates and prepares work. As you can hear, it is a very diverse profession!

The future of a Welder 

As more and more welding work is taken over by robots and machines, there is also a need for CNC operators. As a welder, you are therefore working in an industry that uses the latest technology. With a job as a CNC operator, for example, you can work with the latest innovation. Would you also like to be at the forefront of innovation? Then take a look at our Vacancies - CNC Operator - Larex.

Start a job as a Welder

Would you like to work as a welder and apply the many techniques involved? Don't hesitate to contact us or send us an open application, and together we will discuss the possibilities.

Published on 18 July 2022