Becoming a carpenter

A carpenter's job is essential in the construction industry. As a carpenter, there are a lot of opportunities for you. At the moment, there is a shortage of carpenters, yet construction production is still going steadily. This way, carpenters are assured of a future in which there is always a new job or project available. Do you want certainty? Then get to work as a carpenter! Below we will gladly tell you more about a career in construction and who knows, maybe you will find the carpenter vacancy that is perfect for you.

What does a carpenter do? 

Carpenters build, repair and install frames and structures made of wood and other materials. As a Carpenter, you will work both indoors and outdoors on different types of building projects. From assembling kitchen cabinets or window frames to building bridges. As a Carpenter you can end up anywhere and there are many different carpenter vacancies available. For instance, you can start working as a Shuttering Carpenter. As a arpenter you are involved in designing, measuring, marking, cutting, shaping, assembling, and finishing wood, but also installing floor beams or building interiors can be part of your work. In other words, as a carpenter there is always something to do!

Skills of a Carpenter

As a Carpenter you work a lot with your hands, and you know exactly which tools and materials you need for the job. You are familiar with different types of wood and know how to work them. Machines and tools do not frighten you. As a Carpenter you have a very wide range of tasks. The following skills are often asked for in a carpentry vacancy:

• Experience with various equipment and tools
• Knowledge of building and construction
• Studying building plans and drawings in preparation for your work
• Being thorough and having an eye for detail

Do you recognise yourself in these skills, then take a look at our vacancy Carpenter.

Where does a Carpenter work?

As a Carpenter, you can work on many different types of projects. In general, you will work as a Carpenter in either residential or utility construction. Within these two sectors, you can specialise in renovation or new construction. As a Carpenter, you will often work at different locations, from large-scale new construction projects to small renovation projects.

A Carpenter vacancy for you

Do you want to be proud of the work you have completed? Are you someone who works precisely and accurately? Then a job as a Carpenter is something for you! There is certainly a Carpenter vacancy that will suit you. Have a look at our Carpenter vacancies or respond immediately via our open application and we will discuss the possibilities together.

Published on 09 May 2022