Do you choose for a career in construction?

The housing market continues to grow and so does construction production. Finding a job in the construction industry is not a challenge these days. The many new construction projects in the residential and non-residential sectors call for professionals with a passion for their work. Whatever knowledge and experience you have, there are always a vacancy in construction that suits you. Curious about what work in construction can offer you? We will gladly explain it to you!

Why choose to work in construction? 

The number of vacancies in construction has grown considerably in recent years. The high demand for personnel is partly due to the ageing of the construction sector. Many construction workers will retire in the coming years. The rising construction production, added to this, makes the shortage of personnel in the construction industry considerable. And that offers security for future skilled workers in the construction industry!

Working in Construction

The construction industry is always evolving. In addition to an ageing population, the work also changes due to innovations, building requirements and the wishes of end users. For example, the use of prefabricated elements is creating new jobs in the construction industry. The will to continue to develop yourself is therefore very important in the construction industry. But perhaps the most important quality is to have the ability to work together. Working in construction means a lot of coordination with your colleagues to bring the project to a good result as a team. So that you can proudly say: 'See that building over there? I built that!'.

Construction vacancies in the Netherlands

Construction has many aspects and therefore there are many different vacancies for working in construction. You can work in construction as a construction worker, carpenter, bricklayer, plasterer, painter, planner, supervisor, or project manager. For everyone there is a construction vacancy that suits his or her qualities. Look at our construction vacancies throughout the Netherlands to see which one is right for you!

Go for a job in construction!  

Whether you are a doer or a thinker, the construction industry needs workers with both qualities. A great career in construction is waiting for you. There will be plenty of work in the coming years, so there is always a perfect vacancy in construction for you. Does working in the construction industry appeal to you? Take a look at our construction vacancies or respond immediately via our open application and we will discuss your possibilities together.

Published on 02 May 2022