is more than installing pipes

If you have a problem at home with, for example, a leaking drain or boiler, a Plumber or mechanic will come to your rescue. The work of a plumber consists of a wide range of tasks. Therefore, a Plumber can be hired for many different defects in and around your house. But what does a Plumber exactly do? How does a plumber work? And what are the requirements for Plumber vacancies? In this article we would like to tell you more about it!

Tasks of a Plumber

A Plumber's daily tasks include the assembly and installation of water and gas pipes, heating systems, plumbing and sewage systems. Plumbers can also give advice on purchasing or renovating. As a Plumber, you know the specifications of the product, you are familiar with various components, and you use the right tools to deliver customised work. A vacancy for a Plumber often contains the following activities:

• Laying, finishing, and installing installations.
• Carrying out maintenance and reparations.
• Reading and assessing technical drawings or diagrams.

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Where will you be working as a Plumber?

As a Plumber, you will often work on new construction projects or on existing homes and buildings. This depends on the plumbing vacancy you are applying for, and the client involved. A job as a Plumber can be in any province of the Netherlands.

Plenty of Plumber vacancies

The demand for Plumbers is very high these days. With a job as a Plumber, you are therefore assured of work. The construction of new houses continues, and maintenance of existing houses and buildings remains necessary. Currently, there is a shortage of Plumbers, which ensures that there are many Plumber vacancies available. This shortage threatens to get even worse, while a Plumber job is so interesting. The use of a heat pump will become compulsory soon. This way, a saving on gas is realised and it has a positive effect on the energy bill and the climate. These plans are ambitious, and to realise this plan more Plumbers or central heating mechanics are definitely needed!

Do you want a career as a Plumber?

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Published on 22 June 2022