Working as an Electrician, a thrilling career!

Everyone has heard of electrical engineering. Electrical engineering can be found everywhere: at home, on the streets, at work, you name it. In our daily lives, it is almost impossible to operate without electrical engineering. That is why electricians have an important role in our society. In this article we would like to tell you more about it!

What is electrical engineering? 

Electrical engineering is a discipline concerned with the study and application of electricity and electromagnetic fields. As an Electrician, you are involved in electrotechnical work on a daily basis. You are trained, for instance, as an electrician, solar panel technician or service technician. There are many vacancies for electricians, at both MBO and HBO level.

Working in electrical engineering  

Electricity networks are needed to power homes and businesses. With a job in electrical engineering, you enter a world of technology and innovation. It requires specific knowledge to construct, maintain and fix failures in networks and electrical installations, knowledge that the Electrician has! Because we are largely dependent on electricity in our daily lives, a job as an electrician is always a good option. There are interesting vacancies with plenty of opportunities. For an Electrician, safety always comes first to prevent serious accidents.

What does an Electrician do? 

What does an Electrician do? Maybe it has already become clear to you, but we would still like to explain what an Electrician does. An Electrician has many names: Electrician, electrical installations mechanic, E mechanic or electrical engineering mechanic. It is a craftsman specialised in the installation, repair, maintenance, testing, and development of electrotechnical installations. With a vacancy for an electrical engineer, you can expect many different activities, this is because electrical engineering is a diverse field. The tasks of an Electrician are for example:
• Carrying out maintenance;
• Solving malfunctions;
• Installing electrical installations, control cabinets, machines, etc.;
• Checking and testing installations according to applicable standards (NEN standards).

Do these work activities appeal to you? Then check out our Electrician vacancies.

Vacancy Electrician

There is currently a high demand for technical craftsmen. There are many vacancies for electrical engineers. Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities to grow into other positions within electrical engineering. Are you precise and structured and do you have an analytical and result-oriented attitude? If so, we would like to welcome you! Take a look at our vacancies for Electricians or apply immediately via our open application, and we will discuss your options together.

Published on 23 May 2022