New year, new opportunities? Larex will show you the best side of the Netherlands

The best side of the Netherlands: many great projects in the engineering, construction, metal and painting sector. And again in 2020. Larex gives you job security and helps you find your way in the Netherlands. In a personal and reliable way.

It’s a big step, working in another country. You don’t speak the language, you don’t know the work culture and you don’t know the way. And who can you trust? Larex helps installers, plumbers, carpenters, machinists, welders, engineers and painters find their way to well-paid and safe work. We’ve been doing this for a long time. With a beady eye on your interests.

We offer a good footing to EU professionals choosing to work in the Netherlands. And we also offer you security. With us, you know that everything is done in accordance with Dutch regulations, that you are well insured and that you can always count on receiving your wages. We always fulfil our promises. Read the questions below and the answers we give to them.

What about my pay and expenses?

Larex will pay you according to the Dutch standards for professionals. We pay you the right net amount and on time. You won’t have to worry about taxes. We will organise it all. You will receive proper expenses and a holiday allowance. You will be sufficiently insured against health care costs and you will accrue a pension.

What types of certainty does Larex offer?

You will always have work within our pool of clients. You work with companies that have a good reputation and guarantee safe working conditions. You will know well in advance where you will be working and are given good instructions.

How will I find somewhere to live?

That’s an important question as housing isn’t readily available in the Netherlands. But you don’t have to worry about that. Larex will arrange certified housing, as close as possible to your place of work.

How will I find my way around in the Netherlands?

As an employee of Larex you will have a fixed contact person. He will welcome you when you arrive in the Netherlands and will show you the way. As long as you work in the Netherlands, you can always ask your contact person any questions you have. Even outside working hours.

And what about tools and work clothes?

Don’t worry. Larex will arrange everything you need. Free of charge. And if something is missing, you just call your contact person.

If you know a professional in your country who is considering working in the Netherlands, you should tell him that you enjoy working with Larex. Keep that in mind when you go and enjoy your Christmas holiday. Your tip will be well rewarded!

Published on 23 December 2019