Kristof - Tiler

I’ll stay until I retire…

Kristof heard about Larex through a colleague. At first, he didn’t believe what he was told about working at Larex and the financial rewards. Kristof’s friend Daniel had seen an ad in a newspaper too and both became interested. Now, both tilers have been working in the Netherlands for six months. They work on different projects, large and small, for construction companies in the Amsterdam area.

Every few weeks, the friendly craftsmen drive from the Netherlands to Slovakia, and after a long weekend at home, they drive back to continue working in Amstelveen. “Sometimes, I still can’t believe it! I receive a weekly salary in my bank account,” Kristof says emphatically. Daniel adds: “Larex is also very consistent when it comes to the financial settlement. That’s brilliant.”

Working with enthusiasm for a good salary

“There is a difference between the Dutch and Slovak building profession,” says Kristof. “The Dutch construction workers are more specialised. The Slovak construction worker can perform many different tasks in the entire building process. I am, as a Slovak tiler, not used to performing a specific tiling task. In Slovakia, we do everything from preparation to finishing.”

Loving their work until they retire

Having fun at work is very important to Kristof. “It’s great.” It is a pleasure to work with his Larex colleagues. The contacts at Larex, who he can get in touch with whenever he needs to, really appeal to him. “They are always available. As long as Larex has work for me, I will continue to work for them. If I can, I’ll stay until I retire!”

Published on 17 May 2017