Electrician Thomas

With both feet firmly planted in the polder

Every day Thomas drives from his host family in Swifterband to Lelystad. The Polish electrical engineer works at a Dutch polder via Larex. The fact that he loves it here shows in his enthusiasm: “I love it here!”

Even before the Berlin Wall fell, Thomas completed his professional education in Wroclaw. Finding a suitable job was unfortunately disappointing. The young Thomas decided to literally go outside of his comfort zone: “Through a temp agency, I was able to work in the Netherlands. I really like installing electronics and setting up the wiring, so my expectations were high. Unfortunately, working for that agency was not as I expected.

The Internet leads to work in the Netherlands

After that, I got in touch with Larex via the Internet. The second I started working for Larex is when I really found what I was looking for in the Netherlands.” The enthusiastic engineer wanted to get to work as quickly as possible. “I started working for Larex on 20 July. It all happened very quickly, which was very different from the other agency.

The fact that Larex is a member of the NBBU makes a big difference. Larex is always punctual with payments and the pay is according to the Dutch CLA. The place to stay was also arranged quickly,” says Thomas. “I live with a host family. Their house is only 20 kilometres from my job in Lelystad.”

The advantage of working for Larex is that he can regularly work with his fellow countrymen. Thomas works on a construction site in Lelystad with his Polish Larex colleagues. “For now, I am very busy because there are many flats to be built. And I typically take care of the installation work on my own. It’s wonderful!” Publicatie datum: 3 July 2017