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What do I do if I have to return to my home country in case of emergency?
Your Accountmanager and your supervisor at your workplace are familiar with emergency procedures. After consulting with your Accountmanager and your manager at your workplace, you can immediately return to your country of origin for urgent matters.

If you have emergency after working hours? In that case, send an SMS, a WhatsApp message or leave a voicemail message with your account manager and supervisor and explain the reasons for your sudden departure home.
How to get a sofi number (BSN number) and how long does it take?
Sofi number, is necessary to work legally in the Netherlands. You can apply for a Sofi number at Dutch governmental institutions and you can authorize Larex in writing to arrange a Sofi number for you. It will take about 10 days to receive a Sofi number, and during the holiday this could take even more time. During this time you are allowed to work in Holland but you cannot receive total compensation (only a deposit). The rest of your earnings will be paid when the Sofi number is active.
Does Larex have a health insurance for temp workers?
Yes; Larex has a contract with HollandZorg, a collective health insurance provider for foreign temporary workers in the Netherlands. Please fill in the authorization form you receive when you start working for Larex. Larex will arrange the health insurance with HollandZorg for you. The health insurance costs will be deducted from your salary automatically. If you have questions about health insurance, please contact the nearest office.
How do I register my worked hours?
As from January 7th 2022, all worked hours need to be registered on your personal portal. In this portal you can, among other things, add to your personal data, upload/view documents and find pay slips, annual statements, leave balance, placement confirmations and your contract if you are actively employed.
Can I get health insurance for my wife and children in The Netherlands?
This is only possible if you have a family health insurance policy in your homeland. The registration of your family members can be done via the E106 form.

The health insurance organisation will proces this automatically. Please note that the insurance for your family will not be registered at HollandZorg, but at CVZ (the parent company).

The insurance invoice for your family will be sent to your home and you have to pay this yourself. Larex cannot deduct the costs for family health insurance from your wages. Attention: the invoice CVZ sents to your home is an invoice for a year!
If I see a job I am interested in. Will the job interview be in Holland?
If it is the first time you apply for a job in Holland, and you are in another country, then the first interviews will be done In by our local agents of by phone. If you are in Holland and apply for another job in Holland then you can have an interview in Holland in one of our Dutch offices. If your new employer requires an interview also, then we will introduce you in Holland at the office of the new employer.
I have no means of transportation but would like to work in Holland. Is that possible?
In order to get to work, some means of transportation is required. We support employees by arranging transportation for them. This can be via carpooling with colleagues or employees can make use of Larex Volkswagen Caddy.
How do I know how many vacation hours I have? (Because the pay slip only shows amounts)
With the amount which is indicated under “Vacation hours” you can calculate your vacation hours. This is the calculation: vacation hour amount / gross salary = vacation hours.
What to do in case of illness?
Go to your personal portal. Here you can find the links to the form which needs to be filled in before 9AM, this is also required to fill in when reporting your recovery.

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