The work of a Maintenance Painter

A new layer of paint on the window frames or repairing wood rot, the maintenance painter knows what to do. There is always a demand for maintenance painters in renovation projects. The maintenance painter is a specialist with an essential role. Would you like to know more about the work of the maintenance painter? Then read on!

The Allrounder 

Painting, filling, papering, and sanding: the maintenance painter can do it all. Looking at vacancies for maintenance painter, it is important that you, as an expert, know how to estimate what needs to be replaced or repaired. In case of wood rot, the maintenance painter or renovation painter can estimate whether a new layer of paint is sufficient or whether the surface needs to be sanded or filled first. With a job as a renovation painter, you make the right preparations at the start. As a result, the work later in the project also runs smoothly.

A career as a Painter

There are many different painter vacancies, including that of a maintenance painter, a fine profession with many opportunities for growth and development. A painter often has professional training, but practical experience is an important addition. Are you interested in becoming a painter? Through an MBO education or a BBL route, you can learn and gain experience at the same time and grow into a real professional.

Yes, I want to become a maintenance painter!

Are you persistent, perfectionist and achievement-oriented? Do you have the ambition and the necessary skills? Then a job as a maintenance painter at DIT is just the thing for you! View all our painter vacancies here or respond immediately via our open application and we will discuss your possibilities.

Published on 04 July 2022